Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December!

Today was a very fitting day to the start of December, cold and snowy.  Nothing much exciting happened today, Caitlin went off to school/work and Tom hung around the house working on the computer.  Tom went for a bike ride and asked if I wanted to go but I decided to stay at home, and i am glad i did!  It is really cold and Tom rode to the top of the ski hill.  20 degrees and snow guns ablaze is not much fun.

Before dinner my sister Mocha and I went outside for a while.  Mocha started following her nose and wandered off.  I stayed near the house and came in quickly when called, but Mocha was still off wandering.  After some time she appeared on the porch and Tom let her in.  She smelled like human food and was licking her chops.  Tom decided to investigate and went outside to follow her tracks in the snow.  Sure enough he found that they led over to the neighbors house where she was probably taking free handouts....No dinner for her tonight.   I still got my normal organic dog food rations and now am comfortably relaxing on the couch again.  :)