Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another warm day Nov 30

Snowman on the roof!
So the weather was warm once again today and i didn't spend much time outside because it was raining most of the day.  The clouds parted for a short bit and it was over 60 degrees in the sun!  Master was very upset because his snowman that he had built and put Christmas lights on last night melted.  He did however get a picture of it before it met its doom.  Building it on the pinnacle of the roof did not help much when it came to stability and it tumbled right over!
The tiger puzzle!

I spent most of my time inside under the puzzle table because my masters were determined to finish the tiger puzzle they started a week ago.  I enjoyed listening to the cursing about stripes and was helping by hiding puzzle pieces when they occasionally knocked one on the floor. :)

After they completed the puzzle master Tom and I started work on the newest feature to my blog, a live webcam!  I am not sure how often I will use it but it was fun to set up.  For now anyway you can check it out in the upper right corner of the blog!  We set it up through "anywebcam.com"  I am not endorsing it by any means and don't really like it....but it is free and free is good!  Here is a screenshot of it in operation if it's offline when your reading this.
Thats it there, hi-lighted in red if you can't find it
The webcam is currently in the kitchen so you might get to see me eating.... or my masters eating....or making food or whatever other mundane activities occur in the kitchen.    My bowl is that round thing in the lower right corner of the screen, right next to the woodstove.  If its night and there is nothing to display the camera will go offline, just FYI.

Well thats about all there is for today, now I am just relaxing and writing this.  If of course you are wondering how and where I go about writing this here is a picture.  I like to work on the couch in my comfortable evening clothes all stretched out on a pillow.  Since I live such a stressful life I need a good bit of relaxing in the evening.  Peace :)
A relaxing evening working on my blog


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