Sunday, November 28, 2010

My first Post!

So this is my first posting to my new blog!  I am actually not sure what to say but I guess I just intend this to be something to pass some time and share my experiences with you.  So.....I will start with a little about myself.  I am yellow in color or as some see it golden.  Here is a photo of me!
I am an orphan but was recently adopted by a great couple in Michigans Upper peninsula.  My previous master was not very nice and left me tied outside without any food or water when she went out of town.  A nice police officer came and picked me up and took me to a shelter.  I was very scared but within only two days my current masters found me and took me home.  It has taken a bit to get used to the switch but i am really liking it here.  I have a sister they call Mocha who is much larger than I.   Here is a picture of my whole family!

Its nearing Christmas and we just took this picture today!  We had a very nice day at home decorating for the holidays.  I laid under the table and watched as my masters set up the tree and lights!  My male master (Tom) made a stew for dinner and invited my female masters (Caitlin) family over for dinner!  We watched some silly movie and i got to curl up on the couch with Cait and her sister!  It was great! 

Thats all I have got for now but this has been fun!  I will hopefully write again soon! 

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